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Mexico City Travel Guide

January 20, 2010 1 comment

Mexico City (Spanish: México, Ciudad de México, or D.F. ) is the Capital of Mexico, and one of the world’s largest and most populated cities. The greater Mexico City metropolitan area is one of the world’s largest and most populated, with an estimate … Mexico City travel guide » and interactive map »

Mexico CityMexico CityMexico City
Mexico CityMexico CityMexico City
Mexico CityMexico CityMexico City

Within Mexico City

The old city center or Centro Historico of Mexico City, centered around the Plaza de la Constitucion, is an area clearly … Centro Travel Guide »

Condesa and Roma

The Condesa and Roma district of Mexico City is a residential and restaurant area on both sides of Insurgentes avenue between … Condesa and Roma Travel Guide »

Zona Rosa is a business and entertainment district located in a portion of Colonia Juárez, near the center of Mexico City … Zona Rosa Travel Guide »

This relatively large area in the southwest of Mexico City has always been a counterculture hotbed. This is where Frida Kahlo and … Coyoacán Travel Guide »


Polanco refers to an area of Mexico City north of Chapultepec Park. This district is delimited by Paseo de la Reforma to the … Polanco Travel Guide »

Chapultepec is a district of Mexico City. “Chapultepec” means “Grasshopper Hill” in Nahuatl, the language of the “Aztecs”. The … Chapultepec Travel Guide »

Santa Fe

Santa Fe

Santa Fe is in the western area of Mexico City. It is the newest and most modern district of the city, as almost all of it has … Santa Fe Travel Guide »

Xochimilco is to the south of Mexico City, and gives a glimpse at the effects of rushed urbanization over the years. It’s a great … Xochimilco Travel Guide »
Ciudad Satelite

Ciudad Satelite or simply “Satelite” is part of the metropolitan area of Mexico City. Although there is an specific borough … Ciudad Satelite Travel Guide »

Tlalpan and Pedregal is a district of Mexico City. Tlalpan Travel Guide »

Del Valle

Colonia del Valle is probably the largest neighborhood in Mexico City. It is located in south central area of the city and … Del Valle Travel Guide »

San Angel is a district south of Mexico City. San Angel Travel Guide »


Tlatelolco is a district of Mexico City, the site of the Aztecs’ last resistance against Spanish rule and the site of a massacre … Tlatelolco Travel Guide »

Desert of the Lions

Desierto de los Leones is a National Park located Northwest of Mexico City, Mexico City.Mexico. Desert of the Lions Travel Guide »